Life Lately August 2017

Hey there! How are you? It’s been a minute since I posted here and I have missed you. It’s been crazy for me this past month I still feel like I can’t catch up on rest, or anything really! Today I basically just wanted to let you know what has been going on for the past month in my life!

So, here is what has been going on in my life recently!

Tahoe Vacation

Matt and I took our annual trip up to Lake Tahoe in between our work weeks. Our first week we went Wednesday 7/19 to Friday 7/21 and then the next week we went Tuesday 7/24 to Thursday 7/26. And then we worked the Sunday through Monday in between and then the four days after we came back on the 26th. So we went work, travel, work, travel, work. I didn’t get any posts up in advance and felt bad about not posting, but we had such a good time relaxing and not worrying about anything.

Our first week we flew into Sacremento and then drove to Tahoe. We spent most of our time on resort property. We went to a lot of the restaurants that we like going to. The one full day we were there did not speed by like most vacation days do. It actually was very relaxing. The second week, Matt was sick. On our full day there, we drove all the way around Lake Tahoe, it was a really nice drive. It was about a three-hour drive around the lake.

Visiting Home

Last week I went back home to visit my parents and go wedding dress shopping! I hadn’t gone back to visit my parents in almost two months before going back. I had gotten pretty busy with covering manager shifts and then our trip to Tahoe, then just needing a week to stay at home and relax and recover. I was so excited to go home and see my family, especially since my brother was home for summer vacation.

Besides seeing my family, the main reason that I went home was to get my wedding dress, which I did! I went to my appointment with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin and we went to Kay’s Bridal in Simi Valley. I tried on about five dresses, and I was really liking a different dress. Then, I put on my dress, was looking in the mirror, they were playing a romantic song and all I could think about was dancing with Matt and started crying! It was the one!

Etsy Shop

I opened a second shop! I opened Arizona Designs Co Stickers! I wanted to find a place for my downloadable stickers because I didn’t think they had a place in Arizona Designs Co anymore, a lot of the products were shifting towards blogging tools. I’m very excited about the second shop! If you’re curious, I sell digital/printable Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner stickers in my second shop. In my first shop, I sell Word templates, digital prints, and even some branding. A lot of my Word templates are geared towards bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed this little life update! I can’t wait to get back into the groove of blogging again! I really have missed it. Let me know what has been going on in your life lately!

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