Life Update November 2016

Hey guys!

Wow, it has been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post, and I’m so sorry for that. At the beginning of October, things were really starting to pick up with school, and although I was confident in once a week postings, I was still struggling to come up with quality content. Taking one week off turned into taking two weeks off, and school continued to pick up. I’m glad I’ve been able to take a break because I’ve really been able to focus on school, which is what I will continue to do for the next couple of weeks, but after that I will be jumping right back at it!

So, I am officially wrapping up the semester and my college career in just a couple of week! Next week is the last week of class, then the week after that is finals week. Then, the week after that, I graduate! Yup! I’m so excited, but I am also so incredibly nervous to be graduating from college. My family is coming into town for the week and I am so excited to see them {and have them meet our kitties!}.

I’m looking into a new theme for the blog. I know, I just did this one DIY all by myself, but I’m not fully happy with it. There’s only so much DIY you can do when you’re not a pro. I’ve hit my limit and I’m ready to look for a theme.

I’ve decided to start another blog, this one will be based on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, Beauty by Lauren. I figured that with the direction I want this blog to go into, I need to make another one to house the fashion and beauty topics I want to talk about. I may even pick up my old YouTube channel over on that blog instead of this one. I don’t know, now that I’m graduating I’m going to have a lot of extra time and I’m excited to see where blogging will take me.

So, that is what’s going on in my life, tell me what is going on in yours!

Also, I want to wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving! Thinking back, there really is a lot I should be thankful for. This is my favorite time of year and I’m excited for the thankful, holiday mood and cheer! So, have a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are and have a happy holiday season!

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