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Learn to Manage Your Time Management Skills

Hey hey! I want to talk about something that isn’t really talked about much in college but is something that you need to learn before you graduate. That my friend is time management. Time management is something that will help you succeed in your academic and professional career. It is also something that you should begin to train yourself on as quickly as possible.

Learn to Manage Your Time Management Skills

Time management is something that many college students struggle with. When students get to college for the first time, they are overwhelmed with their newfound freedom, and that’s when procrastination begins to seep its way into their brains. All of a sudden, they are pulling all-nighters in the library and falling asleep in class. Add ever-growing social media, and you have struggling students barely pulling through. That is poor time management and the fast track to failure.

There is a way to manage your school work, family life, and your social life. 

It is possible, and learning how to do it sooner will help you succeed sooner. Time management is all about discipline. You can try and create as many schedules, calendars, plans, as you want, but if you don’t create the discipline within yourself to stick to them, they aren’t going to mean anything. So, how are you going to create the discipline to stick to a plan? You’re going to set a plan that you know is in your limits. It is also okay to start out small, and then refine your plan as you go along.

So, you’ve created your plan, now what? Well, you have to stick to it! I know, easier said than done. You need to be able to keep yourself accountable. You have to schedule time to get your work done, and then make sure you get it done. When it comes to school work, I know that social media can be a big distraction. On your phone, you can use the app called Forest. In Forest, you can set it for a certain amount of time, and ever30-minutete increment of the app being open will give you one tree for your forest. If you leave the app, no forest. If you have a Mac, you can use the app SelfControl to block yourself from visiting distracting websites. {I’m still trying to find an alternative for PC’s.}

Managing your time management skills is not something that will happen overnight.

You’re going to have to really keep on top of yourself for awhile before you will start to feel natural doing it. Did you ever hear that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit? That’s three weeks straight. So, it’s going to take you at least three weeks to form these new habits, three weeks of intense focus and determination.

Now, I’m not saying that after three weeks you can say “alright three weeks, I’m done” and think that it’s going to just continue to happen. You still have to work at it, and you may find that after three weeks you need to reevaluate your schedule and think about what you may need to do to further improve your balance.

That’s what time management is about, balance. You’re learning to balance your time between priorities that you deem important. That’s how it will be in your career, balancing tasks that your boss needs you to complete by a certain date. You will have to manage your time effectively to get them all done by their deadlines, without procrastinating.

The sooner you learn to manage your time management skills, the easier time you will have. However, I do believe that you should have time management down by the time you graduate, your first pst-grad job is not the time to learn that.

Are you good with time management? Let me know what you did to get it under control!

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