Motivational Monday #1

Happy Monday!

In my blog goals post {found here} I talked about coming up with a new weekly series and I {somewhat} have! {So yes, I need to come up with a weekly series still} I’ve come up with Motivational Monday BUT it’s going to be a monthly series. Sometimes I feel like weekly series’ are too quick to come up with quality content so I decided that I’m going to use my previous months’ experiences to come up with motivational content for the next post!

However, this post will be some New Years inspirational quotes!

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Confidence is key! You can do anything you set your mind to and work for. It’s always good to be fierce! This quote is something that I will definitely be living by {I’ll probably print it out and frame it}. Going into life with this mentality will help you be more successful. Go into a test thinking ‘you’ve got this’ or be kinder to your friends, or be braver when it comes to trying new things! You never know what can happen when you’re fierce!

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Sometimes we don’t have the motivation to get out of bed because we either have work or school or have nothing to do; so instead we just lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with doing that once in awhile, but if all you do is send your days moping and unmotivated, then you will never achieve your goals and dreams! Set a goal that’s so exciting you can’t fall asleep the night before and then can’t wait to get out of bed when you wake up. Even if you can’t set a goal every day, live your life with that attitude; you’ll be happier if you face your days with that attitude!

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This quote has stuck with me since my senior year of high school. On my last day of English, my teacher {Mrs. Lev} read us this story, but it was so much more than that. She added each of our names into the story.By the end, everyone was crying {I’m crying now}, it was so special to everyone. But this is so true, life is a mountain; it isn’t easy but it is so rewarding!

I hope you’ll enjoy this series!

What do you do to be motivated?


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  1. I am loving a new quote/motivational daily feed called Lessons Learned in Life! Sometimes I think they "know me" and the kind of guidance I need for the day, it's kinda funny how they just FIT to what is happening at times!

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