Motivational Monday #3

Wow, it’s already the third Motivational Monday of 2015! This year is already flying by! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the blog. Last week I had a paper and two midterms so I was really busy. I should be able to get back into the groove though so it’s okay!

For me, I’m in the middle of the semester and Spring Break is next week {I’m so excited!}. After that I have two weeks until my last full month. My motivation for this month is Spring Break. I have felt so burnt out lately that I really need the break to relax and not worry about school.

So that’s my tip to you! Focus on something that’s coming up in the near future and just envision how happy you’re going to be when you get to that time. Then use that to push yourself to that time, and you’ll be happier than you imagine!

Here are some quotes to get you through March!


I hope you have a successful month of March! Stay focused and stay motivated!


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