Movie Review: Paddington

When Matt and I went to see a movie a couple of months ago, the trailer for Paddington came on to the screen. Now I’ve loved Paddington since I was a baby; I still have a Paddington bear! {I’m on my second one, my first one went inexplicably missing years ago so Matt got me another one before I left for ASU. Then, me being me, I left him at home.} Also, my brother has a matching one.

Okay, back to this: so when the movie trailer came up on the screen I turned to Matt and said “we will be seeing this”. It came out January 16th, 2015 and we got to see it tonight!

Okay so here is my little review {and don’t worry, I won’t spoil the movie for you!}:

The movie was so adorable! It first went through the story of the explorer visiting Peru in the past and then went to the present day story. The beginning started off sad; something tragic happened which is why he then goes to London. Anyway, it ends happily {of course} and it was so cute to see the story, family, and Paddington progress throughout the movie. The ending was great and the movie overall was wonderful. There is definitely some funny moments to balance with the sad ones. There were children when we went to watch it; and they clearly loved it. You should definitely see it if you want to see an adorable movie!

If you’ve seen Paddington, did you like it? If you haven’t, what movies have you seen?


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  1. Aww, Paddington! I still haven't gone to see the movie yet! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's the link to the post!xx, Mikkaela

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