My Birthday

So my birthday is over (sad) but today was so much fun!

We’re still going to do some stuff tomorrow but most of what I wanted to do, we did today. Here is what I did today!

First, Matt made me waffles and let me open my cards and a few of my presents. I got some money from family and a pearl bracelet from KJP! (I know right?!) I also got a cute striped v-neck from Macy’s, which I wore today.

Then, we went to the Arizona Fall League, the Scottsdale Scorpions at the Glendale Desert Dogs (Dodgers affiliate team). We didn’t stay the whole game because by the end of the 6th inning the Dogs were losing 9-2 (the final score ended up being 12-3…ouch). I felt bad for leaving but it wasn’t that exciting so we left. But I got some cute pictures!

After that, we made our way to the Tanger outlets and went to the J. Crew Factory store! We got some CRAZY deals plus I got 20% off for it being my birthday (cha-ching). They will be seen in a picture below but I’ll tel you what I got: two boat neck long sleeve shirts, one pair of pink chino shorts and one blue polka dot blouse! All of that was only $44!

Eventually we got home and I got to open the last of my presents form Matt. He got me a long sleeve floral shirt, a long sleeve leopard-type print shirt and a maroon dress! They’re all so cute I am so happy with them!

Lastly, we went to dinner! Matt took me to Olive Garden! It was actually pretty good, it was my first time going. The service got kind of slow but oh well, the food was good so it’s alright.

So tomorrow we probably will go to the movies and see Let’s Be Cops. We’ve wanted to see that movie for awhile and we didn’t have enough time for it today (there are only so many hours in the day).

Here is a picture of my clothes:

I hope y’all have a fun and safe Sunday, thank you for the birthday wishes!


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  1. Aha! Didn't preview for the robot verification LOL.Sounds like a great day!!! Cute clothes and great deals <3Hope you opened our card and you also have one more thing on the way soon!Love and Happy Birthday weekend!

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