My Current Bullet Journal Layout

My Current Bullet Journal Layout

Hey there! Today I want to share my current bullet journal layout and why I chose to go with the layout I’m using!

My Current Bullet Journal Layout

Bullet journaling is something that is specific to the journal’s owner. One reason I love bullet journaling is that I can make it fit me and my needs. So, let’s get into the layout I’m currently using!

Bullet Journal Layout


Why I picked this layout

I picked this layout because in one of the planner groups I’m in, everyone is talking about the Hobonichi Weeks planner. So yes, this is based off of that layout. When I saw everyone post pictures of their Hobonichis, I thought “wow, this layout looks awesome!” and I’m loving it so far. The week is on one side, and everything else I want is on the other side. So, why didn’t I just get a Hobonichi? I don’t like how small they are. I love the size of my bullet journal, so I wanted to stick with that size. For me, I don’t mind having to draw the weeks in, that’s why I have a bullet journal in the first place!

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What is the layout?

So, on the left side is where the weekly layout. I divided it into seven sections and that’s where I put my schedule and any tasks I need to do for the day. In one of my previous layouts, I would use the space to journal my day and how I was feeling. I don’t really do that anymore, I just don’t have the time to do so and I really want to track other stuff. So, the minimal space on the left side really works for me. On the right side, I wanted to track blog posts for the week, and then things I needed to get done during the current week as well as things that were coming up next week. I did want to have a spot to write what I’m grateful for so I decided to try a line-a-day type of thing. I’m still trying to figure out what to put towards the bottom, or if I just want to expand the blogging box, I’m going to test some stuff out in my May spreads.

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Do you like this bullet journal layout? Have you thought about getting a Hobonichi Weeks but might want to try this instead since you can customize it to what you want? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Lauren! I fell in love with my bullet journal last year, but recently switched over to a traveler’s notebook, which I feel gives me a little more flexibility and lets me carry around some memory spreads of my friends and adventures in my day-to-day life. I decided yesterday to start my own lifestyle blog and am feeling very inspired by your organized range of topics you cover. Many thanks 🙂

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