My Study Playlist

Studying seems like the biggest chore and bore. Many people use music to help them study, myself included!

I have many playlists on my iPod {old iPhone}, and I have one that is specifically named {Exams}. Since it’s the playlist I listen to the most, I always add new music to this one {as well as my massive, all music, playlist}.

I listen to various types of music and on some days I skip songs and on other days I skip other songs. I guess that’s the beauty of having 53 songs on your playlist! Check out what I listen to!

Yes, there are 53 songs in this playlist and I always shuffle it so I’m not listening to the same list order over and over again. Oh! Some of them might not have a number next to them because towards the end I just go to the next song so it technically doesn’t log it as one “play”.

What is on your study playlist? Or any playlist? Let me know!


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  1. Hee hee I'm getting really old, only recognize two artist's names/songs on there, wanna guess? Haha! I was so weird and still am, I could never listen to music while studying and still can't while working. Funny how our brains work!

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