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So tonight I was watching Shark Tank and up came this adorable couple with a cute boutique; they are Red Dress Boutique. Not only did they have the most adorable story but they have some of the most adorable clothes! Check out their website http://www.reddressboutique.com/ (they even have a page for the adorable dresses that were featured on Shark Tank!

So here are some of the clothes that I picked out from their website:

Classic Lifestyle Jacket $48.00

This jacket is classically chic for any lifestyle! It is a perfect fall/winter coat that should be in everyone’s closet! Pictured with the Autumn Nights Infinity Scarf in navy, it creates the classic fall look. Enjoy a classic lifestyle of confidence and class with this jacket!

Autumn Romance Maxi Dress $54.00

The name describes this dress perfectly! Autumn Romance, I can see the romance in this dress. White flowing body with beautiful lace sleeves, it is perfect for the fall! Fall into autumn with this gorgeous maxi!

Earn Your Stripes Dress $44.00

This striped dress is super chic and simple. Pair it with any statement necklace and it is a total hit! Even though this is more of a spring/summer dress, you can pair it with tights and a jacket for more of a fall look! Earn your stripes and get this dress!

Gossip Girl Denim-Ultra Dark Wash $48.00

Just the name caught my attention, I LOVE Gossip Girl! Anyway, these Gossip Girl skinnies are perfect for the fall and can go with any dressy top, or a classic tee. You know you love these jeans, XOXO, Gossip Girl!

Holiday Greetings Leggings $18.00

These leggings are the perfect bottoms to wear with a classic black or white top around the holidays. They are Christmas themed and very adorable. You can even match them with the Strike A Pose heels in burgundy (mentioned below).

Autumn Nights Plaid Infinity Scarf-Navy $24.00

Doesn’t everybody need a plaid infinity scarf during the fall/winter? I think, yes. This scarf is adorable matched with the Classic Lifestyle Jacket mentioned above!

Strike A Pose Heels-Burgundy $32.00

These heels just make me want to strike a pose even though I don’t have them! They are a modest height, so you don’t trip all over yourself, but they aren’t super short so you feel awkward. Go out, get your own pair and strike a pose!

If you missed them on Shark Tank, don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. If you want to check them out, visit http://www.reddressboutique.com/ and browse all of the beautiful clothes! Make sure you check out their story here because it is truly inspiring. You can also follow them on Facebook at The Red Dress Boutique

Congratulations Josh and Diana, it was amazing to see your story on Shark Tank, you guys have so much to be proud of! Best of luck!


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