Being in a Relationship in College

Hey there! I know the stereotype of college is to go out every weekend, or whenever you can, and to just let loose. Does that sound like you, because that experience was not the case for me. If not, then this post is probably for you. I’m talking about being in a relationship in college, for some that is what they want. Whether you do or don’t want to be in a relationship is completely up to you, and if you want to be single throughout college then do you boo! However, this post is for those that do, or want to know about being in a relationship in college!

Now, being in a relationship in college can be amazing, but it is up to you and what you are looking for when you are in college. I came to college in a relationship, and that is what I wanted to do. If you want to be in a relationship in college, then you need to be able to prioritize your goals and academics. I’m going to talk about the type of relationship where you both either go to the same school away from home or still live back home. Basically, that you are not a long-distance college relationship.

One thing that is important to remember is to keep your academics first and foremost. Yes, a college relationship can be great, but you’re not paying for that. You’re paying to get an education. Now that we have that out of the way, here are some ways to have a successful relationship when you’re in college.

Being in a relationship in college can be great. You have someone special helping you get through a time of change in your life and have someone to experience a lot of new things with! One thing that I loved about being in a relationship in college is that I had someone who could help me cope with school. As my college career went on, the courseload got pretty heavy. It was nice to have a significant other who could look out for me when I was starting to stress out with school too much.

It’s important to have someone who can look out for you when you get too stressed yourself.

Another reason that being in a relationship in college is that I had someone who helped keep me on the right track. Now, I’m not someone who likes to go out and party. That definitely was not my scene in college. However, when it came to the blog, goofing around, it was nice to have someone there to remind me about school.

Having someone to explore a new place and make awesome memories with is amazing!

A third reason is that you can have someone to experience your new city and/or state with (if you’re not living at home). Whether you’re looking to move to your new city after college, you’re going to be spending four years in the city anyway. I think it’s important to explore outside of your college campus. College towns have a lot to offer! Many college towns, and colleges themselves, also have a lot of cute and inexpensive date ideas for college couples!

I think being in a relationship in college can be a very enriching thing. It’s just important to remember that you need to focus on your academics. However, there is a way to have a successful relationship and a successful college career!

Do you think a college relationship is a good idea?!

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