Simply Gilded: March 2018 Subscription Box

Hey there! Today I wanted to share with you my March Simply Gilded Sub Box! Earlier this month, I shared all about Simply Gilded and how much I love their washi. I also mentioned in that post that I am subscribed to their subscription box. Also, I know it is the middle of April, however, her March sub box was late, which she was completely transparent about, so that is why I’m posting about it now.

The March sub box is the fifth sub box that Irene has sent out. Like I mentioned, the March sub box was late. That was because that the heart coin pouch was late from the manufacturer. She kept all of her subscribers up-to-date, and also gave us a coupon to use on the standalone site when it opens! This month’s theme was Le Carrousel, which I thought was absolutely gorgeous.

This month’s sub box came with:

  • A set of 5 washi tapes (2 15mm and 3 10mm)
  • Foiled journaling card
  • Foiled pocket TN insert
  • Happie Scrappie bow charm
  • Heart shaped coin purse
  • Luxe functional and deco stickers

The sub box cost $25 + $4 shipping. You are billed on the 17th of each month and the boxes ship the last week of the month. (Read her Subscription FAQ page for all of the details!)

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Now, let’s get into some pictures of this gorgeous box!

The box and all of its gorgeous contents

This box is so gorgeous. I love all of her boxes so far, but something about this box, it’s just something I have not seen before. There is something vintage about it. Plus, green and pink just go so well together.

Another angle of all of the contents

With six stunning items, I definitely think the $25 is worth it. It is worth it for the washi alone!

Set of 5 washi tapes

This set of 5 washi tapes comes with a coveted bow washi! Irene is famous for her bow washi, so I love when a box comes with one!

All five washi side-by-side

This washi set goes perfectly together.

Le Carrousel 15mm washi

This washi is so adorable. I liked this particular washi when she first sneaked it on her Instagram @simplygildedbox.

Pink Polka Dot Bow 15mm Washi

Like I said, I love bow washi so I love that we got this in our sub box. The Valentine’s Day set came with red polka dot and pink heart dot washi, so this pink polka dot will fit right in!

Stripes 10mm washi

This stripe washi is so cute. The touch of gold foil makes this washi absolutely beautiful.

Word 10mm washi

I can tell I’m going to like this washi. I got a washi similar to this in the January box and it turned out to be a watercolor background, that you couldn’t really tell when it was rolled up. Looking closely, it seems like this may be the same type.

Confetti 10mm washi

This is not her first confetti washi, but my first. It looks very cute!

Heart shaped coin purse

I don’t use a coin purse, nor have a lot of coins on hand, but I definitely think this is adorable. Now I just need to find another thing to use it for.

Foiled pocket TN insert

I don’t use a TN (travelers notebook) so I haven’t found a use for these yet. They’re cute though and dotted on the inside, like a bullet journal.

Happy Scrappie bow charm

This charm is so adorable! I don’t use charms often but I definitely need to find a place for this one. I love it!

Luxe functional and deco sticker sheet

I love her sticker sets. They are thick stickers, so they aren’t thin and flimsy. Since I use a bullet journal, I do find it hard to use the stickers. I have used one of the sub box sets, and I liked how it turned out. But they are cute.

Foiled journaling card

Her journaling cards are so cute. I have so many of them because she sends a free one with every order. I don’t want to write on them or anything, but I need to find a way to store them. Maybe in a little photo book.

The beautiful box

This is the beautiful box that this whole set came in!

Another picture of the gorgeous washi

I’m trying to take those fancy Instagram type of pictures!

More gorgeous washi pictures

So, that is the March Sub Box from Simply Gilded! If you’re interested in her box, sign up for her waiting list over at her shop. Also, follow her Instagram at @simplygildedbox and stay up-to-date with her boxes!

April’s theme is Paper + Crane and I can’t wait to receive that one!

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  1. Never knew about this type of subscription box, Super Cute!!! This could get me into trouble. I LOVE scrap booking and this stuff is adorable. P.s. the photos are very pretty and crisp. Love!

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