Six Things to Remember on Your First Day

The first day of class can be stressful, mainly because you’re thinking about how many projects/assignments there are as you read through your syllabus.

One Write it All Down: All of it, everything! Seriously, if you write it down now, you won’t forget to later and you’ll have it all in front of you as the semester goes on. You will thank yourself as the semester goes on {especially if you accidentally lose that syllabus}

Two Use Your Planner: {If you don’t normally use planners. If you do, skip to #3} I’ve always seemed to be the person who always stopped using their planner {I think that’s because I never had the right planner}. Have it that first day so you get into the habit of using it everyday

Three Everyone’s nervous: Okay, maybe not every single person in the school but most people are nervous. It’s the first day of school in a new class, you will have nerves. It is normal.

Four Be Prepared: If you have to have a reading done by the first day of class, then have it done. You’ve had all summer to read. Or, if you need your textbook the first day, make sure you have it that day.

Five Say Yes: If someone asks to hang out at lunch, say yes! If you see a club that you think is interesting, say yes! College is supposed to be fun, especially your first year. As long as you are able to handle all of your responsibilities, then go ahead and say yes!

Six  Relax: It’s your first day, relax and breathe. It’ll all be okay! You’ve been excited about this day {hopefully} for awhile now so take it all in and just have a good day!

Have a great first day!

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  1. These are great tips. The first tip is something i learned the hard way. One of my professor gave test based on what she says. I swore I'd remember something I didn't need to write it down, boy was I wrong. aha.

  2. I've done that too. Especially in classes where professors test based on things they say AND what they actually write down on the board/PP. I would go back and remember slightly what was said and swore I wrote it down, but didn't haha.Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

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