Spring Break Wrap Up

Well, today is the day I head back to school; bummer.

The first half of my Spring Break was planned and has been documented to you all {see The Wedding and Our Anniversary} but the rest of my break was really unplanned and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were nothing too special. Matt had to work but he came home in the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday which was nice. Thursday night Mat decided he wanted {needed} to go get his haircut. Well, he only gets it cut by one woman in our neighborhood…in California. So Friday we went back to California for the day, which was so much fun! It was great to surprise my parents; they were so happy! Plus, spontaneous trips are always fun!

Then Saturday and Sunday {mostly Saturday} I cleaned up a lot around the apartment. Yesterday, I prepared myself for school and got many of this week’s blog posts ready!

I would say that I had a great Spring Break. Any time off to relax, get stuff done around the apartment, and see my family is time well-spent in my book! But now it’s time to get back to school and finish off the next seven weeks of the semester!


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  1. And it was a great time for this set of parents too!!! Loved seeing you both!!! Bring on the spontaneity any time! Loved seeing you!

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