How to Spring Clean Your Blog

How to Spring Clean Your Blog

Hey there! Today I want to share with your how to spring clean your blog! Your blog requires routine maintenance upkeep, and cleaning just like your house in the spring! So, I’m going to share how to spring clean your blog.

How to Spring Clean your Blog

One of the biggest blog tips I can offer you is to spring clean your blog. By that, I mean taking the time every once in a while and updating certain parts of your blog.

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Update Your About Me and Contact Pages

The about me page is where readers come to get to know who you are and your purpose. It should not only help your audience get to know you better, but it should also be professionally written because it’s about what you provide as well. Your contact page is just as important. These pages are pages that should be updated every once in a while, especially if you include information that changes annually, like your age, or when you accomplished certain things. This is one of the blog tips that float around that many people don’t seem to realize.

Update Your Main Navigation

Have you added new pages to your blog recently, or new offerings offsite, but didn’t update your main menu? How do you expect your readers to find what you want them to find without adding it to your navigation? Your main navigation is prime real estate and you need to make sure you’re using it wisely. During Blogmas, I added Blogmas as a tab on my navigation even though it could have gone under categories. If you post seasonal content, or you haven’t updated it since last season then it’s time to update!

Declutter Your Blog Admin

Try some new plugins that didn’t work but you keep updating them even though you don’t use them anymore? It’s time to cut the clutter! Clutter is proven to stress us out and clutter our mind. Delete old plugins that you’re no longer using or have no purpose for. Delete or finish drafts that are just taking up space. It’s time to streamline everything so it’s easy to find and use. You want your admin area to help you, not hurt you.

Change Up Your Theme

Does your current theme match with your current mission and what you want to provide your audience? Is your current theme not speaking to you anymore? Then it’s time for a change! I recently updated my blog theme and I’m loving it. I’m using Bluchic Maggie theme and it’s perfect for lifestyle bloggers. If you’re a fashion blogger, or photographer, or another niche blogger, Bluchic has a theme for you! If you’re a service based blogger, then you need to check out their new ChicServe theme. It is built and optimized for service-based bloggers/business owners.

Add Affiliate Links to Your Old Posts

Did you recently join a new affiliate program? Make sure you go back and update the links in your old posts. This really applies to fashion and beauty bloggers who link to items in a majority of their posts. But, this can apply to really any blogger. There’s nothing wrong with going back and updating your old posts, in fact, your posts should be updated if they need to be. Now, there is one thing you want to add if you add affiliate links to your posts, disclaimers. Don’t add a link if it doesn’t fit, you want it to seem natural, not spammy.

What are your tips for spring cleaning your blog? Any blog tips for new bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

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