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Staying Organized and Creative: The Happy Planner

Hello there! Today I am going to talk about something that I love, planners!

Decorating my planner is something that allows me to be creative yet also be functional. I recently got the Me and My Big Ideas from Hobby Lobby and I’m currently loving it! This planner is a monthly/weekly layout and the weekly layout is a vertical layout. I’ve never used a vertical layout but I think it will be great!

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a discboung planner! This means that it’s very easy to take out pages, insert pages, or change the cover of your planner! A discbound hole punch is different than a regular hole punch. The punch looks like a sideways mushroom; it’s a semi circle with a rectangle attached to it. I’ve never had a planner that uses this system so I was definitely concerned about how the discs would hold up or if any pages would fall out but I haven’t had any issues with it.

Me and my Big Ideas has been known for their scrapbooking supplies, they’ve only just recently jumped into the planner community. However, they are already making a name for themselves in this community. This planner is part of the CREATE 365 collection and there are some other awesome goodies in this collection; including a recipe organizer, a weekly planner pad, and inspiration cards! 

I love that The Happy Planner’s discs have little hearts in the middle of them. It brings a smile to my face every time I see them. I see it as Me and My Big Idea’s way of adding their touch of love to every planner!

Create365 Stickers

Washi tape

You can find this planner at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or directly from Me and My Big Ideas! This planner is $24.99, which is a nice price compared to some of its competitors. {Three of the five planner options are out of stock from MAMBI, so hurry and get yours soon!}

Do you have a favorite planner? Or maybe more than one?


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