Syllabus Week

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For many of you starting the spring semester this week, it is the beloved “Syllabus Week”. For those of you who don’t know, syllabus week is the first week of the new semester where most professors {yes some just jump right in} go over the syllabus, class expectations, and also have you introduce yourself to the professor and your classmates in some way {sometimes it’s fun but it’s mostly a boring/embarrassing game}. But I’m here to tell you something; DO NOT SPACE OUT DURING SYLLABUS WEEK! I repeat: DON’T DO IT! If you want to have a successful semester, paying attention to the syllabus is crucial and here’s why.

One Class Schedule: Most professors put the itinerary for the entire semester in the syllabus. Not only is it in the syllabus, many professor go through the class schedule and explain what the assignments are going to be and give you an overall view of what the semester is like. During this time you should be jotting specifics down and then after class write all due dates down in your planner!

Two Class Expectations: Many professors explain the class expectations in excruciating detail, they go through all of the assignments and explain what is expected of you throughout every aspect of the class {which if you don’t pay attention, they won’t like you that much and it will be noted that you don’t pay attention well}

Three Helpful for First Day Jitters: Professors seem to be kinder during syllabus week. Even if they are tough professors {which you can still tell on the first day} there is something about syllabus week that makes professors seem kinder {maybe it’s that they know you’re nervous?}. During syllabus week, the professors know that you have no idea who the professor is or what the class is about. {isn’t that why you’re taking the class?} They will be more tolerant to you asking questions.

Four Questions: Like I mentioned above, this is the time to ask questions that you have about the class {that aren’t answered in the syllabus}. However, if you don’t listen during syllabus week or you don’t bother to read the syllabus and then ask a question that is answered in the syllabus, you will not be regarded highly by your professor; that and it’s just plain rude.

Five Personalities: This is the week where you get to meet your professor and find out who you want to be friends with {or just get to know} in this class. This is also the time that you can “meet and greet” with your professor. Some are very friendly and you will find that you’ll spend a lot of time in their office or in email correspondence because they are very friendly and helpful. However there are also some that you won’t do that with and this is the time that you can use to figure out what type of professor this is. This is is also the time to show YOUR personality to your professor. 

Fun Fact Quote:  I saw a quote somewhere saying “If you don’t speak up in the first six minutes of your first class then you won’t all semester”. Now it isn’t as drastic as all semester but it’s somewhat true. If you don’t speak up in the beginning, you won’t throughout the semester {this is definitely something I need to work on}.

I know it may be tempting but don’t space out during syllabus week; it is an important to start the semester on the right foot.

Are you excited for the semester?

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