The Best Christmas Resources for Bloggers

Hey there! If you’re a blogger and you like to do a lot of content themed around the holidays (like Blogmas), then you need holiday specific resources. It can seem daunting to search the internet for the perfect Christmas font for your blog.

I’m going to share resources that involve graphics, fonts, templates, packs, anything you can think of. It’s also going to be a mix of free resources and paid resources!

Creative Market

Creative Market is a good and popular place to get design resources. I love using it, and I definitely use their free goods of the week.


DesignBundles is not as big as Creative Market, but it is gaining traction. This site sells mostly bundles but does have some individual items. This site has a lot of SVG bundles. Whether it’s mock-up generator items, specific designs, or borders, these bundles are great for bloggers!

Christmas HQ

Now, I just found this website this year. This site has everything! It has traditions, recipes, decorations, and design needs! Under the design category, it has stock photos, fonts, borders, clip art, and backgrounds! This website is where I got most of my Christmas themed photos for my graphics.


FontBundles is an extension of DesignBundles, but only has fonts! So, if you’re looking for great holiday fonts, then FontBundles is the right place! You can get old-style script fonts, candy-cane themed fonts, and other cool Christmas fonts.


I absolutely love Canva! I use Canva for Work, their paid service. But, they do also have a free version. They have limited free photos and illustrations. They have cute holiday-themed icons/illustrations and great holiday stock photos.


Etsy is not really where you would think to get design resources, but if you dig deep enough, you can find some! A lot of sellers sell SVGs on Etsy. Social media templates can also be on Etsy. So, if you’re looking for some cute hand-drawn graphics/icons/SVGs, make sure you check out Etsy!

Check out more of our blogging resources!

What are some of your favorite resources for holiday design needs? Let me know in the comments!

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