The Friday Review, Vol. 2

Hey there! It’s time for another Friday Review!


  • I had jury duty this week. I know not many people look at that as a highlight, but it was interesting to see the actual judicial process at work. It really is different than Law and Order. I didn’t get selected for a trial, but it was still interesting.
  • It’s been cloudy and rainy this week. I love rainy weather, plus I got to test out my new windshield wipers, they work great!
  • Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time for baseball season!
  • I did a mini-rebrand, changing my colors a bit and my blog logo!


  • The Patriots won the Super Bowl. Sorry, call me a hater!

Weekend/Next Week Update

Matt and I are going to try a jambalaya recipe, I’ve never had it before! Depending on how it goes, you may see it on the blog soon!

I’m hoping to get caught back up with blog posts, I did get behind last week, so this past week was a struggle to catch back up. Since Matt has been sick, I’ve been doing much of the housework so I’ve been balancing my time trying to organize our apartment and working on the blog. There’s just so much I want to do, and not enough time!

What are you planning on doing this weekend?

Things I’m loving this week

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What are you loving this week?

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I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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