The Ultimate Guide to Lake Tahoe

Hey there! Today, I want to share my ultimate guide to Lake Tahoe! Matt and I have been going to Lake Tahoe together since 2014 (except for 2020). this year was the longest stretch of time we’ve spent in Tahoe, and it was amazing! So, I want to share with you the places that I love staying at and visiting up in North Lake Tahoe.

*This is a Summer only guide to Lake Tahoe

I’m going to break this post down into three parts: 1. Places to Stay, 2. Places to Eat, and 3. Things to Do.

Places to Stay

There are many beautiful places to stay in Tahoe. One of the most popular areas to stay in is Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (the name is changing in Fall 2021). It’s about five miles from Tahoe City.

Olympic Village Inn

This is where Matt and I stay every time we go to Tahoe. It was the Olympic Village for the 1960 Winter Olympics. It is cute and quaint. There’s a living room area with a kitchenette and a pullout sofa, a bedroom with a Queen bed, a bathroom that separates those two rooms. The room is a little small, but you’re really only eating and sleeping in it, not really spending all day in it.

OVI is in between Truckee and Tahoe City. It’s a little closer to Tahoe City, but it’s nestled up against the mountains. There are hiking trails that start right behind the building.

One of my favorite things to do is sit out in front of our room and read a good book, or play some board games. There are also hammocks, bikes, a little game area, a clubhouse lounge, and a pool on-site for guests to enjoy.

Resort at Squaw Creek

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, then the resort at Squaw Creek may be for you. It is part of the Hyatt network of hotels and features gorgeous views of the mountains. It is located off the same main road as OVI and has stunning views of the mountains.

In the winter, a lot of the restaurants have ski-in/out access, as well as ski access to Squaw Valley. In the summer, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you occupied

The Village at Squaw Valley Lodging

The Village is the epicenter of

Places to Eat

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to eat out at restaurants. These are my favorite restaurants to eat at in Tahoe!

Fireside Pizza Company

This family-friendly pizza place offers an array of yummy pizzas, pasta, and salads. From a simple cheese pizza to a Thai pizza, there is something for everyone from the pickiest eaters to the more adventurous. They offer indoor and outdoor dining and the service is great.

Check out the Fireside website!


Rocker is a great spot to grab a beer and a great burger. They also have 10 TV screens to catch any game, any type of year. They have a beautiful outdoor patio with views of the mountains.

Check out the Rocker website!

The Blue Agave

Their slogan is “Mexican food…with altitude” and they live up to it. They are one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Tahoe area. They are located right by Commons Beach and have great lake views from their outdoor seating area!

Check out the Blue Agave website!

Village Pizzeria

Village pizzeria is a cute little pizzeria in Truckee. We love to get the garlic and pesto chips, it’s half garlic and half pesto. They’re not actual chips though, they are a thin layer of dough covered in either garlic or pesto, or half and half!

Check out the Village Pizzeria website!

Jake’s on the Lake

Jake’s on the Lake is a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Tahoe City. They are a family-owned restaurant and their menu is influenced by Hawaii and Southern California

Check out the Jake’s website!

Things to Do

There is a multitude of things to do in Lake Tahoe! The outdoors are waiting for you in ta

Tahoe Gal – Tahoe Cruises

Cruise over the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe and learn about the historic areas around the lake. The most popular option is the lunch cruise, which we did this year. It’s a 3.5-hour cruise along the shore down to Emerald Bay. The narrator announces historic sites along the shore, as well as some history into the Washoe Indian Tribe.

They also have other, shorter cruises. they have a 1.5-hour Happy Hour cruise, a 1.5-hour shoreline brunch cruise, and a 2.5-hour sunset dinner cruise. In addition, they have a Sunday live music and dinner cruise, which is 3 hours, and a monthly full moon cruise, which is also 3 hours.

Interested? Check out the Tahoe Gal website!

Truckee River Rafting

If you’re looking for a lazy river rafting trip, then look no further than rafting down the Truckee. It’s a five-mile trip, taking about 3 hours, depending on how often you stop. There are swimming holes and sand bars down the river which make perfect stopping points to each or take a dip in the river. There are a few surprising rapids near the end, so be prepared!

Aerial Tram to High Camp

From the Village, there is an aerial tram that goes up to high camp. You can also hike up, but if you’re not into that, then you can just take the tram. The tram is $20 to go up, free to go down if you hiked up.

Up at high camp, there is a restaurant, a pool, a roller-rink, and the Olympic Museum.

There are also areas to hike around and take in the gorgeous views. Unfortunately, the pool was closed this summer, but typically, the pool is open.

There is also a patio where you can take in the views. You can also see Lake Tahoe from High Camp through the mountains.

Drive Around the Lake

If you’re interested, you can drive around the entirety of Lake Tahoe. It’s a 72-mile loop around the lake, and there are plenty of places to stop and take in the views. If you start in North Lake, you’ll go from California, into Nevada, then back into California. Some of the top places to stop are Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Emerald Bay Lookout, and Carnelian Bay.

Final Thoughts

I love going to Lake Tahoe in the summer. It is such a change from the hustle of Phoenix and a change from the heat. There are so many things to do and explore. Make sure you drink your water though, elevation is over 6,000′. Enjoy your trip!

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