Web Development and Design Class Update: Halfway Point

Happy Wednesday!

I’m already halfway done with my web development and design course! Yup, I’m already three weeks in! I’m really enjoying the class, I’ve definitely learned a lot so far! I’ve even began to play around in Blogger’s custom CSS spot in my template. The only downside is that I’m learning CSS3, the most advanced and up-to-date, so some things I learn in class don’t translate well, if at all, to Blogger. Regardless, here is how I have done this first half!

So, we have gone through six of the twelve chapters, and even though some of the stuff I had learned in the first couple of chapters felt like “review”, as we went on I had started to learn a lot of new information! I’m so excited that I have come this far, and done this little case study!

This is the progression of the home page for the “Pacific Trails Resort”, one of the case studies from the textbook. So this first picture is the one that I turned in a couple of weeks ago.

Case Study Chapter 2
First case study turned in 

This is what I turned in on Sunday. I say this because I have already done part of this week’s assignment which is technically in the second half of the class!

Case Study Chapter 6
Case study turned in 6/5

Look at that! That’s three weeks of work! I’m so happy that I’ve made this page, and actually understood how to do it. Yes, the case study is basically following instructions, but to me, it is important to do as much of this as possible without turning back in the book to “find the answers”. This case study is basically a test, and I intend on passing it.

Besides the case study, we are also working on a final project. The project can be on anything that we want, as long as we follow the guidelines of the site; which are basically that it includes just about everything important that will be covered! Some of those things include, seven to eleven pages, one video, one form, Sectiom 508 Standards compliant images {images with alt text}, text {duh!}, and one table utilizing data effectively.  What I decided to do, is basically build a site to go along with Creatively Lauren. It’s going to be titled The Creative Collective and be a one-stop shop for millennials looking to add a flair of creativity in to their lives! I’m excited and I can’t wait to show you guys the final product when it is done in a couple of weeks! I’ll most likely continue to build upon it after I turn it in! Regardless, you will see it!

I’m so bummed that this class is over in a few weeks already. However, I am excited to continue to build upon what I learned. I will definitely continue to use Cloud9 to hone in on my skills, even if all I do is continue this web devlopment thing as a hobby. Who knows! I can’t wait to update you with my final project and my finaly thoughts for the class. I definitely still believe that bloggers should take some kind of web development class if they can. It can help so much with the techie side of things!

Have you taken a web design and development class before? Did you teach yourself? How did it go?

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