Web Development and Design: Final Update

I have made it through my six weeks of class and I have come through on the other side! I’m so happy I’ve made it through, but I’m actually pretty bummed that it’s already over! So I wanted to do a final update/check in and show you guys the final product of my web development and design class. I’m so proud of this project, however; I do hope to make it even better than it already is. Beware, this will probably be a long post because of all of the screenshots. I hope you like my site!

So, I ended up finishing the class with a 97%, I got a 100% on my final project, and my professor said it was one of the best final projects this semester! When I read that comment on the final grade, I was so excited. I worked so hard on that project, made sure I followed all of the rules, and read and re-read that textbook to make sure my syntax was correct. To be honest, I thought mine could have been better, I had to tell myself to just turn it in or I’m going to overthink it and mess it up. I’m so glad I didn’t let myself overthink it! So I wanted to share screenshots of my website! {I share screenshots because I didn’t have enough time, or resources, to get a host and actually publish it to the web. One day!}

So, here is the homepage of my project.

My homepage is just short and sweet and to the point. I made it basically like a welcome mat and linked out to other pages of the site. My “Start Here” page is the real “home page” per se. Here is my “Start Here” page

This one is definitely the longest page. It is also my favorite page! Please remember that this s a project, not something that I’m currently utilizing, although hopefully one day I really do hope to use this page. Next, I’ll share my “About” page

It’s always weird to write an “about me” page, I just never seem to know what to include, but I know I needed text to wrap around my picture. So I’m just going down the navigation bar, so next is my “Services” section.

This section was pretty hard to come up with. I had no idea what to offer as a packageNext, is my “Videos” section

Next, is my “Work with Me” section. It’s just a form, nothing too complex. It is one of the basic pages, but it works for its intended purpose.

Next, is my “FAQ” section. Do know that these are questions I made up because I didn’t really have time to get actual questions. {If you have a frequently asked question, let me know! I’ll probably add a FAQ to the blog.}

Lastly, I have my “Legal” page, which is actually just my disclosure that I copied and pasted from my blog and just changed out the company name.

I’m so happy with the way that my site has turned out! If you have the opportunity to take a web development and design class, then definitely take the chance. Have you taken this type of class before? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love the way your project turned out! I've had the opportunity to take a couple of web design classes and I've loved them. Most recently in class I got to work with an actual client to build a functional live website. It's nerve wracking, but so rewarding! I'm glad to see that you love it too!Kym, hellokymberlyann.com

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