Weekend Recap

First off, happy Monday (hey, you make it as happy as you want).

I want to tell you about what I did this weekend.

Like I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, I went back to California to watch my high school’s drama department out on the comedy Play On. We left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening.

Saturday Matt and I flew back on US Airways Express in first class! Besides the anxiety I had, it was one of the best flying experiences I’ve ever had! After we got back, I watched the ASU football game and all I have to say about that game is “wow”. Anyway it was a close game and hopefully we can bounce back next weekend.

Sunday I spent my day doing normal weekend activities. I cleaned up around the apartment and began to figure out this week’s blog posts. I also took the pictures for the Rainy Day Style linkup that is also being posted today! Make sure to check it out!

What did you do this weekend?


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