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We’re Building A House!

Hey there! Today I wanted to share something very exciting, we’re building a house! After living in an apartment for eight years, we’ve finally made the leap to become homeowners and we are so excited.

We decided earlier this year, that the best bet was to probably build a house. Prices were high, and we figured if we were going to spend that kind of money, let’s build what we want.

Who’s our Builder?

Our builder is Woodside Homes. They’re a homebuilder in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. They’re about simplifying the home-buying process and helping clients make the right decisions for their lifestyles.

Why Woodside?

When we were looking at new communities in our area of Phoenix, they popped up as one that was building a few miles away from where we currently are! We looked at their website and saw the home plans that they were offering and began to seriously consider building in their community.

We then went and looked at the model homes to see what their homes look like in person. They didn’t have models of the two plans we were deciding between, but there was one that was similar.

How’s Woodside Been Through This?

Woodside has been great through this whole process. We met with Woodside once and went through the model homes before bringing our realtor with us to make sure this was something that we really wanted to do. When we decided to go with them to build our home, they walked us through everything. They’ve continued to be a great help, and update us every week on the progress of our house (which is my favorite part).

What Was the Process?

The process from the beginning to groundbreaking was pretty quick.

Picking the Floor Plan and Lot

On May 25, we went to Woodside with our realtor to meet with their Salesperson. We went through the two one-story model homes that they had, and then we went to the available lots. We wanted an East-West lot so that the majority of our windows would be on the North-South sides.

We went to view the lot and I immediately fell in love. Our realtor is one of my co-workers and we were talking about the lot, the yard, the parties we could have, and I saw it in my head and I was sold. I went back to Matt and said this is it, I want this lot. So then we went to sign the purchase contract and give the deposit.

The Design Center

The next step was to go to the Design Center to pick our finishings and everything so they could order it and it would be available by the time we got to the interior work. We did it about a week after signing everything, in the first week of June! It was so much fun

Construction Began

On July 1st, construction began on our home! The exterior forms were set and the fun began! They said that the home should be done by late January/early February when we first began. As construction went on, they updated it to be early January. We should hopefully get an update in the next week or so with a more firm timeline now that the drywall is about to go up!

I can’t wait to give more updates and share more about the home-building process!

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