What I Did For My Birthday!

I know my birthday was awhile ago {Oct. 25} but I never got the chance to update y’all on what I did! Thankfully that Sunday I didn’t have to work, someone picked up my shift! So Matt planned something and wouldn’t tell me what; all I knew is that we were going to Dallas. I only knew that because he had to have my print out our boarding passes for the return flight.

Anyway, we took a repo {reposition} flight to Dallas at 6am, meaning that there was nobody else on the flight except for the pilot and first officer. It was really cool, plus it was one of our new aircraft! When we landed in Dallas it was actually pretty chilly, and we got on the train to where we were going for lunch, and I still had no idea! It wasn’t until we were about halfway there when I was thinking about some of the places that some of my Texas followers talk about and then it hit me. He was taking me to Freebirds!

So, Freebirds is a great restaurant, like Chipotle but better. There was one in my hometown of Simi Valley but it closed and there is no Freebirds in the state of Arizona, hence why we went to Texas {it’s weird thinking that I’ve been to Texas now}. We hadn’t had Freebirds in a very long time and had been talking about it for awhile.

So that is what we did! We flew back into Albuquerque and then to Phoenix. We went to Dallas just for Freebirds. It was awesome to see the Dallas airport, it’s huge! {there was a Brooks Brothers in it!} It was a lot of fun, and I was glad to finally spend a whole day out and about with Matt! When I got home, I got to open a bunch of awesome presents, including the stunning pair of ripped jeans in my game day post {thanks dad!}

I had a great birthday, and can’t believe that I’m 20! {ahh!} It was great to just get away for a day, but by the end I was ready to go home and go to sleep!

What have you done for your birthday?


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  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I would love to try out Firebird, but I don't think they exsist on the West Coast. Happy 20th! :)-Kimwww.simplybeingkim.wordpress.com

    1. There are some in California! One in Utah, but I'm not sure about anywhere else on the West Coast. Thank you! :)Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  2. Chipotle is actually way better than Freebirds, and I say this as a Texas resident. This is too cute! Happy belated birthday! Shagunagold&hearts

    1. I'll agree to disagree. To me Freebirds is way better than Chipotle haha! But thank you!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

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