What I Love Wednesday

Happy hump day!

Today is Wednesday and that means that it is time to share the things that I love!

First, I love that my morning class today was canceled! My professor is going to be at a conference in Chicago today so she canceled class. I know you’re thinking “well duh, of course, she canceled class” but last semester I had a professor who was going to be missing class so instead of just canceling it, she had a substitute professor come in and lecture for her class. I thought it was the most annoying thing. I do understand that she probably couldn’t afford to miss class but her reason had something to do with credit hours and “required” hours needed in class per credit hour or something; it was something very technical. Anyway, so I’m very thankful that my public speaking professor just decided to cancel the class.

Second, we are finally heading into the final stretch of the fall semester. A lot of us tend to feel like we’re falling off the wagon and have no way to stay motivated. Well, I found a great post from The Real College Student of Atlanta on how to stay on track through those final weeks of the semester. The tips are to:

  1. Organize and plan ahead
  2. Stay motivated (which can be a struggle at times)
  3. Change your environment
  4. Have an accountability partner

The first two I have heard often but they really are helpful. As one of my classmates told me, you have to basically hyper schedule yourself, even schedule your breaks, meals and anything you can schedule. The third one I was taught in my ASU101 class (yes I had one of those). It basically is to not study where you are most comfortable (which I am so guilty of) and instead study at a desk so you don’t fall asleep. The last one is one I haven’t heard but is a really good idea. Find a friend or groups of friends that will stay up late and work/study with you whether that is in person or over Skype or FaceTime.

Find the post here

All of these tips are very helpful for those finals weeks. This blogger also has another post specific for finals week (since we know that is another monster separate from the finals weeks) You can find the post here.

Third, I love accessory bags, I have an obsession with them. Anyway, Ace and Ivy has some really cute accessory bags. They aren’t just blue or pink, they actually have some fun designs on them because who doesn’t love designs? They have two types of bags: clutches (pictured) and makeup bags. You can find these bags here.

Yes, that clutch has my name on it (it’s almost like fate!).

What is one of your favorite things?


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