What I Love Wednesday: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Eve!

One  Planning: Today my family talked about the plans for tomorrow; to open presents and when we’re going to leave for my grandmother’s house. Knowing that Christmas is tomorrow is really exciting; even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas in California.
Two The Weather: I know above I mentioned that it doesn’t really feel like Christmas here {which is true}, but it isn’t hot our either; many times in the past I could wear shorts and a t-shirt in December which was really disappointing. Even though it isn’t raining or absurdly cold; I’m in a sweater and leggings so the weather is still nice. I’m very excited that the weather will be nice enough to let me wear the outfit that I had planned to wear for Christmas!
Three  Being Home: Although I do miss our apartment in Phoenix {and our cat Jingles} I am glad to be home for winter break. I’ve missed my family and I’m happy that I get to see them and spend time with them. I’m also happy that I get to hang out with my brother. We always laugh and have fun and I miss him when I’m in Arizona.
Four  Our Cat Jingles: Did I mention that I miss our cat? Our cat is so adorable and I love playing with her but since I’m in California I have to suffice with pictures from Matt and little FaceTime snippets. I can’t wait t see her and hold her when I get back to Arizona {and Matt better tell her I love her!} I love you Jingles, merry Christmas!

Are you excited for tomorrow?


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