What I Love Wednesday

It is hump day! (And my last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break!)

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It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to share the things I love this week!

One I love my little Jingles! Jingles is our kitty and she is so adorable. She was a stray that we saw when we first moved to the apartment complex and over the summer when I was in California she came and visited us. She would come by more and more often and now she has found her new home! She loves it here, which is evident by how she just lays in the middle of the floor instead of trying to “hide” like she would outside.

Isn’t she just adorable?!

Two I love my beautiful campus. As you know I go to Arizona State University and although the Tempe campus is gorgeous, the West campus (my campus) is down right beautiful. It has the feel of a small liberal arts college and if you’re thinking about applying to ASU but you feel like the Tempe campus is too big (I mean it is a square mile big) then I would definitely suggest checking out the West campus. But remember it does depend on your major. Here’s some pictures

That’s a dust storm approaching

So beautiful!

Three I love these new holiday ornaments from Ace and Ivy.

Acrylic Monogram Christmas Tree ornament $14.00
Family ornament $16.00
They even have one for your furry friend! $16.00

You can get these beautiful ornaments here

What are some things you love! Don’t forget to take my poll at the side of the post! Only 4 days left!

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