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Hey there! Today I wanted to share with you my trip to Dallas! I have never stayed in Dallas, the last time I went to Dallas for a day trip with Matt back in 2015. I was excited, yet nervous, to spend two weeks in Dallas by myself (Matt couldn’t come), but I was glad that I did have four co-workers to go out with if I felt like going somewhere.

Today I wanted to share with you my trip to Dallas! I stayed in Dallas for two weeks and here are all of the cool places I went to and recommend.

I did not pay for the flight, hotel or my meals (except for two) during this trip. This trip was for work training, but I wanted to share the cool places my friends and I went to in Dallas and share some pictures with you. Opinions are 100% my own and do not reflect my employer.

So, I was in Dallas for two weeks for company training for my new job. I went with four other people from our station and we had such a good time. Sometimes we went out as a group and sometimes some just stayed in while others went out. I’m also going to share some pictures from the training center and general pictures, but I’m going to put those at the end of the post!

We were put up at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas, which is a beautiful and big hotel. It was paid for by Southwest, we also got a meal card, so I didn’t pay for the room or any of the food (except I ordered Freebords to be delivered, they don’t take the meal card online, and our first meal Sunday night before we got the card). The room was nice, guest services were nice any time I called or spoke to them. It’s also about a 15-minute walk to Deep Ellum (would NOT walk at night though), and an Uber’s ride away from Bishop Arts District. It’s also right next to a DART rail station so you can get just about anywhere. It’s a great location.

Minus the fire alarm going off in the middle of the afternoon, there was nothing abnormal about the hotel or my stay. They were prompt and professional and I really enjoyed my time there. I would definitely recommend if you were looking for somewhere to stay downtown. They could have put us up somewhere else, so I really don’t have any complaints. I would stay there again.

Places I Went

Twisted Root Burger Co.

This place was amazing! Twisted Root is a burger place in Deep Ellum and they are amazing! The burger is a decent size, it was seasoned so well, I was so impressed! They also are known for their pickles (they also have fried pickles as a side), they have different flavors of pickles in buckets, they also have boozy milkshakes (mine is not, just an Oreo shake), and they are supporting local breweries (my co-workers loved their choices). I definitely recommend trying this place out.

Amazing burger and fries!

Oreo Shake

Pecan Lodge

This is a highly suggested BBQ place in Deep Ellum. If you’re a BBQ person, then this is the place for you! It is so good, and the line is worth the wait. You order and then take your seat, and I would say the food is reasonably priced. I got the 1/2lb of pork ribs and the side of bacon mac n cheese and then they also give you the side of pickles and raw onions. It is definitely worth a try and I can’t wait to take Matt there.

Loved the menu design!
1/2lb of ribs and bacon mac n cheese

Rocket Fizz

I know Rocket Fizz isn’t a Dallas-only place, but I haven’t been to one in so long that I wanted to share it. It’s in Deep Ellum and right across the street from Pecan Lodge and they have a variety of sodas and candy. So they have Coke and Pepsi but they also have craft sodas and random flavored sodas. Most of the candy they have is mainstream, but they also have 90’s candies that you don’t really see in the store. I got a Pepsi (made with real sugar), a Coke, (made in Mexico, with real sugar) and a Vernors (I think just regular Vernors but in a bottle).

Flea Style

I didn’t take any pictures of this store but it is such a cute store! It’s like a vintage and handmade consignment shop. It’s a shop curated with handmade artisans, there’s a variety of products from clothes to houseware. The tags on the items have the handmade artist’s shop information so you could find more products from them since the shop only has a narrow selection or specific item. I’m sure some of the artists are local, but I don’t think they are, which is fine. Supporting handmade artists, whether in the city or around the world, is very important! So if you’re looking for some handmade and vintages goods, then check out Flea Style!

Places Recommended By Others

Bishop Arts District Area

I heard this area of Dallas is really cool. It’s like Deep Ellum, trendy and for young people, but has a better balance of stores and restaurants where Deep Ellum is mostly restaurants. Trust me, there are still many restaurants in this area, but I also heard there are a lot of cool shops in this area as well.

Lockhart Smokehouse

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get to this restaurant but one of my co-workers did and she said that it was amazing.

Emporium Pies

I’m not a pie person but I heard that this place has a lot of amazing pies. The “pie to try” is the Lord of the Pies, which is a deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel. They do have seasonal flavors so check their website to see what seasonal pies are on the menu before you head out!

Training Center/Other Cool Pictures

Training Center Pictures

The training center is really cool. It’s relatively new, compared to the original headquarters building. So there are three buildings on the headquarters campus. HDQ (the headquarters building), TOPS (training building), and WINGS (inflight/flight ops building). We trained in TOPS, and each building has their own cafeteria. I went to all three cafeterias and they were all good, but I think HDQ had the best cafeteria.

Entry to TOPS
First day of class!

View from HDQ cafeteria! The only sunny day the whole 2 weeks
Amazing lasagna I had for lunch one day
First day of class goodies!
I passed initial classroom training!
Last day!

Other Cool Travel Pictures

These are just other pictures that didn’t fit into any of the above categories!

Room service breakfast!
Rainy day view

View of downtown coming into Phoenix

So, that sums up my trip to Dallas! I had such a good time, even though most of the time was spent in the classroom. I saw some cool places and now have places to come back and try! Until next time Dallas!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have you been to Dallas or any of the places mentioned? Have a recommendation? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Looks like a fantastic trip and I'm sure You and Matthew will go back to visit sometime 🙂 Congrats on the training!

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