What to Wear to Spring Training!

Today I am going to my first Spring Training game of the season and I am excited!

I love that Spring Training is in Arizona; the weather is always perfect and, well, I live here now! For about a month and a half the Dodgers are here in Arizona and that just makes me incredibly happy! Okay, back to the real reason for this post: what to wear!

Right now the temps are approaching the 90’s and it’s apparently going to be warmer than normal for this time of year for the rest of Spring Training. That makes it hard to look nice, stay cool, and still support your favorite team. But here is how you can:

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Lightweight Jersey/Shirt

Many baseball jerseys can be thick and in this heat, that can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Thankfully, many jersey companies make lightweight jerseys that breathe easier. If you can get your hands on one of them, do so! If not, you can always wear a lightweight sports team shirt or one that is in your team’s colors.

Chino Shorts

3″ Chino shorts are perfect for me. I was all about denim shorts once but when my butt got a little too big for the denim shorts it was time for a change. Chinos are a perfect fit for me and I love the material and how they aren’t super tight around my thighs. They are a great piece of clothing for a Spring Training game!


You don’t have to wear closed toed shoes to a baseball game and when I realized that I was pretty happy. I’m not saying wear huge wedges; you definitely want to keep it flat. So Jack Rogers sandals {or a similar sandal for those who don’t own a pair of Jacks *me*} is a perfect sandal for a spring day.

I’m so excited for the Spring Training game and I hope that you can come out to Arizona and attend a game!

Also, quickly, head over to The Southwestern Prepster {around midday or later} today and see my guest post based on my College Tips series! It’s very helpful, especially since Spring Break is right around the corner for some or has already past {like mine has}. So check it out and Mikkaela’s entire blog {she’s a fellow Sun Devil, so she’s pretty cool!}

Have you been to a Spring Training game in Arizona?


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  1. Spring training looks super fun! Too bad I don't live near Arizona. I love the outfit you put together though. Those Jacks are adorable!

    1. It is! It's relaxed and fun {although I think regular baseball games are fun too!} Hopefully one year you'll get to make a trip fro Spring Training! Thank you!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

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