Why College Students Need Amazon Prime Student

Why College Students Need to Try Amazon Prime Student

Hey there! Today I want to talk about an awesome discount for students, that you may not know about! Amazon Prime has a student benefit for current college students, and it involves a lengthy free trial and heavy discount!

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Amazon Prime Student is a six-month trial plus 50% off Amazon Prime afterward. Yes, you get a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime. After that, it’s $59/year, or 50% off for a full year of Amazon Prime. You do have to submit proof of enrollment every year for renewal as long as you’re in school so you can keep the $59/year.

Why Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime isn’t just free two-day shipping, even though that is a pretty good benefit already. With Prime, you also get Prime Video, which includes Amazon Originals (like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Prime Music, which allows you to stream music, free photo storage, Prime reading, and much more. The two benefits I really use the most is the free two-day (and now one-day) shipping and the Prime Video streaming of Amazon Originals. If you’re into video games, they have a deal with Twitch as well. When you really dig deep into these benefits, there’s a lot of value for $59/year that it’s just unbelievable!

Okay, but why do I need this?

I thought the same thing. Do I really need Amazon Prime? I signed up for Amazon Prime Student way back in 2016, yeah I’ve kept renewing it since then. Here’s why, because Amazon has everything and for $59/year it is absolutely worth it, even if you’re not planning to buy stuff that much. Have photos you want to print? That’s included in your Prime membership. I printed my wedding photos using Amazon. All of my favorite bullet journal supplies (which you can read about here), I snagged those on Amazon. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is absolutely worth the hype, is available only on Amazon.

All of that is awesome, but here’s the real reason that college students need Amazon Prime Student. The amount of stationery and school supplies is limitless, and it ships free! Need a six pack of notebooks for your next semester? Amazon has them with one-day shipping. Need writing utensils? Amazon has a Writing Essentials Kit, including mechanical pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, and pens! (I’m not even in school anymore and I want that kit!) Need a desk pen organizer for your huge collection of gorgeous pens? Get it by tomorrow! Make your back-to-school shopping easy as a college student with your supplies delivered right to your door. No having to worry about finding a ride to the office supply store.

My honest opinion on Amazon Prime Student (and Prime in general)

I really think that Amazon Prime Student is absolutely worth it. I only recommend products and services that I love and want to recommend and this is definitely one of them. This year, my Student membership expires, and I’m going to have to pay the full $119/year and I still think that it’s worth it! The free shipping alone is worth it, I love that I can get something in one or two days. But the extras like Amazon original shows, streaming music, free Kindle ebooks, it just keeps adding on value. You’ll easily get your $59 worth.

Let’s chat! Have you tried this student benefit? Do you wish you had Amazon Prime Student when you were in college? Let me know in the comments!

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