Why It’s Okay to Take a Break

Happy Friday!

If you had not noticed, I had taken about a two week, unplanned, break from posting on the blog in April. It was not intentional, and it was not something I had wanted to do, at first. I say at first because halfway through, although I was stressed with school, I was beginning to feel refreshed with ideas. I had begun to come

By the end, although I was bummed that I hadn’t posted in awhile, I was happy that I was able to take a break, and come back to the blog rejuvenated and ready to post some awesome content. When it comes to blogging consistency is key, however, quality over quantity is also key. The reason I ended up going on this mini-break was because I felt that I could not publish quality content while doing my school work as well. I had to pick one or the other, and well, I want to graduate this December so I picked school work. However, during that time, I continued to share old posts, I even did a quick rebrand! All of that allowed me to hit restart and be able to come up with some awesome content!

So, why is it okay to take a break?

Sometimes, you just need a break from your blog. If you’re feeling unmotivated, you dread having to write a post, or you cannot come up with a new topic to save your life then you are probably in need of a little break. You don’t have to take a two week break, you also don’t have to take only a two week break. Take however much time you need, although you may not know how much time you need until you’re in your break. 

We all need breaks from things. Summer is the break from school, which I know I need! As much as we want to believe it, you cannot give 250% of what you have 100% of the time; that’s not taking care of yourself properly. It’s going to lead to being over-exhausted and dreading doing anything related to your blog, and just being unhappy. 

Over my mini-break, I realized that sometimes you have to just stop.

Before taking my break, I was bending over backwards just trying to come up with a blog post that y’all would enjoy, I was super stressed, and I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, which made me really sad. That day I just stopped, I didn’t post anything and I didn’t think about a post. Part of me felt guilty, but part of me knew that I needed to take some kind of break, or I would go down a road that I didn’t want to go down {a road of less quality content}. I stayed on my little break until I knew that I was ready to come back. For me, that meant being excited to write posts, had a couple of ideas already jotted down, and had the time to sit down and do everything that encompasses putting out a blog post. This time, it also meant that my E-book was done and out, so I could devote time back to the blog. 

The point is that you know when you need to take a break, and when you’ll be ready to come back. If you know you need to take a break, don’t hesitate to do it. If you do, you may end up furthering your burn out and regretting it in the future. If you’ve come to that point to where you need to take a break, embrace it. Do whatever you need to do to prepare your blog and social media for your break, then get on it!

Use your break to figure out what you, and your blog, truly need to succeed.

Your frustration may be brought on because you are trying to do too much with your blog in the time you have allotted yourself. Don’t further your burn out and frustration because you want to create consistency with everything. Quality over quantity is truly the key to success. Even if that means scaling back your posting. During your break, sit down and figure out where you are at, what is causing you stress and unhappiness, and come up with a solution to your unhappiness. Don’t stress too hard about it, this is a break you know, but use the time not writing out posts, editing photos, creating graphics, etc. to think about what you need to do to better accommodate your own happiness and well being!

As much as I enjoyed my break, I am glad to be back! I hope after your break, you feel the same way too! What would/do you do when you take a break from your blog? Let me know!

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