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Why You Need The Successful College Student Workbook

*I received this workbook free for reviewing purposes. The signup link is a referral link which I do make a small commission off of. Thank you for supporting the people that support Creatively Lauren

Happy Thursday!

It feels so weird to be posting a post on a Thursday. I just felt so exhausted on Tuesday and couldn’t finish this post. Anyway, I’m hoping to either get back to my old regular schedule, or make a new regular schedule for blog posts. I’m so into consistency and I hate that I’m struggling with it right now; but that’s not what this post is about today. Today, I wanted to share with you an awesome workbook created by a fellow blogger to help college students be successful!

So, Tori of Chase the Write Dream has created a college student workbook dedicated to making college students successful. The awesome thing about this workbook is that it’s only $9! I want to talk to you about the sections of the workbook and what their benefits are/have been for me!

In college, the most “taboo” thing is mornings. Most college students HATE morning. {myself included} In light of this, Tori has created a whole section dedicated to mornings and how to craft your perfect morning routine. I’ve began this section, although with work I’m reluctant to start a morning routine. {my “morning” starts at 10:30am!} If you are working on your morning routine and just feel like yours isn’t cutting it for your goals, then you definitely need to check out this workbook.

My absolute favorite section of the workbook is the productivity section. I love how Tori admits that everyone learns/operates differently and has built the questions and advice around that. I’m someone who needs to plan, write things down, especially when it comes to my productivity. This is the section I jumped all over, and since I did I’m doing much better with my productivity.

She has also included a section on grades. Focusing on what you want to achieve this semester and how to achieve them. This is the section that I was like “whoa, this is real” because you have to actually face the grades that you got last semester and for some that may be a bit difficult. After you face that, she gives you ways to achieve that A and also helps you create a study schedule that works for you! I can be so bad with scheduling, so this section was definitely helpful for me!

Although I have just began using this workbook, I have definitely noticed a difference in the way I do things. As many know, I have to balance school, work, and this blog. So for me, using this workbook isn’t just about becoming a successful student, it’s about becoming successful, period. I definitely believe that this will do that.

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I would say that this workbook made me face some things that I was trying to shy away from {i.e. my productivity, my morning routine, etc.}. Regardless of that, I’m so glad that Tori created this workbook! It covers so many topics to help you become successful, whereas other workbooks may only cover one of the many topics that she covers! It’s an all-in-one workbook for the college student seeking success!

If you’re looking to become successful and need a way to get yourself organized, then this workbook is what you need. You can take a look at it and get all of the facts about it here. If you want to jump in and buy it, you can go here* to purchase it! Let me know if you purchase it!

What are some of your tips that helped you be successful?

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