Why You Need to Listen to the “Hey B*tch” Podcast

Why You Need to Listen to the “Hey B*tch” Podcast

*Edit 1/9/2020: Hey B*tch Podcast was rebranded to “Big Mood” Podcast. I’m sure it was to be more advertiser-friendly, nonetheless, it’s the same fantastic group of girls!

Hey there! Today I want to talk about an awesome podcast for women, from college-age women to women in their thirties! It’s called Hey B*tch and it’s a group of women just chatting about life, love, advice, and everything in between.

I started listening to this podcast on the advice of one of my coworkers. It’s actually one of the first podcasts that I’ve listened to and I’ve really enjoyed it. They release new episodes every Tuesday and their episodes are about an hour long. They talk about a variety of topics, most of them would be considered 18+ topics, so they definitely are geared towards a more mature audience.

Who are the women in this podcast?

So the whole group consists of Geo Antoinette (@geo_antoinette), Gina Darling (@missginadarling), Nikki Limo (@nikkilimo), Tiffany Del Real (@real_tiff), Boze (@bigbossboze), and Jessica Caldwell (@jess_michelle512). They are a diverse group of women who are around the same age but at different stages in their lives. They all work together in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and are just a great group of girlfriends!

The energy that they create makes them really entertaining to listen to and draws your interest when they talk about certain topics.

Why should you listen to them?

I think they are pretty relatable, at least I feel like I can relate to them. Since they’re all at different stages of their lives and had different experiences growing up, you probably could relate the most to one of them. Besides their relatability, they talk about topics that many coming of age women may feel uncomfortable talking about. They want to help other women who may not have found their tribe of girlfriends navigate through experiences and avoid mistakes they have made.

They are also a very open group about what they talk about. Some of the topics they’ve covered include pregnancy, friends with benefits, working for a porn company, body image, and more. When talking about these more diverse topics, they have special guests come on and share their experiences. Some of their special guests include Mia Khalifa, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, Edith Ronne, and Christina Ma.

Final Thoughts

This is an absolute must-listen with millennial and Gen-Z women.

You can listen on:

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hey-b-tch/id1469340104

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6TnxoSUMjaFxvzqb1Rn8ny

Player.fm: https://player.fm/series/hey-btch

You can also watch the podcast on YouTube!

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