Why You Should be Using Trello for Your Blog

Happy Wednesday!

In my Five apps Every Blogger Should Have post, I mentioned the website/app Trello and so many were interested in it. I figured that I would share with y’all how amazing it is and how I use Trello! I actually use Trello for my blog editorial calendar and for school, and I will share both ways. However, today I’m going to show you how I use it as my editorial calendar and next Wednesday I’ll show you how I use it for school!

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I guess I should explain Trello first. Trello uses lists and cards to keep you organized. You create lists and then every individual item that you are working on {or in this case, posts} is its own card. Your lists and cards live in boards, and you can have multiple boards with many lists and cards. Within your board, you can even view the calendar {if you add due dates to your cards} to help keep you on track even more!

Here is my editorial board:

So my post ideas, Ebook ideas, and other things are the lists while the posts are the actual cards. The colors on the cards are labels. You can create these labels to mean anything and use them to help you organize in any way you want. My labels are published, date assigned, in-progress, scheduled, in-house post, guest post, and newsletter content. 

Cards are where the real magic happens. This is where you put all of the information for a post.

Here’s my card for this post:

Look at all of the information and things to do! Like I said, this is where the magic happens! You can add members, labels, a checklist, a due date, and even attachments to your cards. You make these cards work for you!

The calendar feature is very helpful. It shows the cards on the calendar, so instead of viewing it in list form, you can see where everything is on the calendar. Now this is only useful if you add a due date to your card.

Here’s what my calendar looks like:

I really love the calendar feature. It just really lays it out nicely, plus you can move the cards on the calendar and it changes the due date in the card itself.

I wanted to throw this in really quick: One feature on the card is “members”. This is where you can add other users and collaborate on cards {posts}. I don’t use this feature on my board, but Hope does on The Young Hopeful’s board so we know all about our post. This keeps us up to date because we get notified when anything having to do with our card changes.

Trello is just very easy to navigate and helps keep you organized and can be a great tool to help you keep and editorial calendar for your blog.

Have you used Trello? Are you going to use Trello? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I totally agree with every point you make in this post. I started using Trello at my Marketing job to organize our project sprints. Then I incorporated it into my blogging career as well. It's super use friendly, the labeling is great and I'm way more organized using it. Great post! Xoxo Mindy

  2. I might have to use this, it looks like I might really need it, thank you for the awesome heads up!!XO,Hannah from HMS Jewelshttp://www.hmsjewels.com

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I'd never heard of Trello before but it looks like it would be SO helpful!

  4. What a cool program! I love hearing about how other people keep their lives organized. I'll have to check this out!

  5. Troll seems so much more useful than the paper system I've been using for my editorial calendar! You've converted me – future me thanks you!

  6. Yesss! I use Trello not only for my blog but also for work and it’s really kept me organized. As I use it, I find ways to further improve my organizational skills, I’m so thankful for it!


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