Why You Should Start a Blog

Today I wanted to talk about why you should start a blog. Even though it isn’t always easy, I love Creatively Lauren and I love the opportunities that it has provided for me! I definitely think that if you want to start a blog, even if it is just for fun, then you should. You don’t have to start a blog with the intention of making money. If you want to go for it, then do it!

There could be many reasons for why you want to start a blog. I originally started my blog to share my writing and have a little creative outlet for me. Then, as things progressed, I wanted to use my platform to help people, instead of just talking about things to a few people. I wanted to be able to use my site to help people become more creative. I did not start out this blog with those intentions. However, as time went on, I could see the potential y sight had, and visions came to me about it. That is why I think you should start a blog.

Make your voice heard

One of the reasons that I started my blog is that I wanted to make my voice heard about things that mattered to me, and that is something that you can do too! Many people say that their blog is their little “slice of the internet” and that is definitely true. You have important things to say, and you can say them sing their blog. Over time, what you want to say might evolve, like it has with me, however, it’s your space, use it in whatever way you see fit! When you continue blogging, you will see that you evolve and grow your voice. If you didn’t think you had one before, then you could say that you found your voice.

You’ll learn a lot

Before my blog, I had no idea how to code, how to effectively use Pinterest, how to grow an email list and so many other things. {Do I even know how to now?!} Regardless, when you blog, you read other blogs to help you hone in on your skills. You experiment with things that may or may not work out for you. You take chances that you may not have taken before. You may even share things about yourself that you haven’t before. You learn a lot about yourself, what you can do, and what you will do to achieve what you want from your blog.

You’ll make some great friends

You’ll find some awesome people, and get some great opportunities when you start a blog. Some of those people will become great friends! Through those friendships, you will learn some invaluable tips and possibly even make some lifelong friends. As I’ve followed bloggers through their journey, I see the relationships that they’ve formed throughout their time of blogging. When I began blogging, making friends, like true friends, was not something that I thought was going to happen, it wasn’t even something that I thought was a possibility.

You’ll have fun! If you’re not, then stop.

When you’re blogging for yourself, because you want to, you’ll have a good time. I’m not saying that it isn’t easy; trust me, that is not what I’m saying. Blogging is hard work, much harder than you may think when you’re just starting out. But, if you stick to it, find your tribe, and write about what YOU want to write about, then you will have a good time blogging and you will be proud of yourself and what you’re putting out there. If you start blogging and then soon realize you’re not having a good time, you’re stressing more than before, or you’re just not enjoying it, then you should stop. Do not sacrifice your happiness because you think you have to continue your blog. You don’t.

So, I hope you decide to start a blog and share your voice with the world. Remember, blogging can be whatever you want to make it. It is your site and your voice. What are/were your reasons for starting your blog? Let me know!

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