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Why You Should Visit Career Services as a Freshman

So, we all know that the main reason people go to college is so that they can land their “dream job/career”. Which is true. We go to college so we can learn the skills and knowledge needed to get us on our way {because we do not know everything about our career when we graduate. That’s when the real learning begins}. In today’s society, it’s not enough to have just a Bachelor’s degree anymore, employers are looking for more. This is where career services comes in.

Career services is probably a place you have heard about since at least your first day of class if not your freshman orientation, and there is a good reason why. Career services is going to help you prepare for the job search after graduation. Now, I know that you aren’t really thinking about getting a job until you’re closer to your graduation date, but that is not all they are good for. 

That dream internship where you get to get down and dirty in your field? Career services will help you set that up. Do you need a professional headshot? Career services can help you with that. DO you need a brush up on your resume? Career services will give it a read and let you know what you can improve on. Never done an interview and scared out of your mind? They will help and coach you so you can conquer it.

Career services, wants you to get the job of your dreams as soon as you walk off of their campus.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I’m saying to go visit this awesome resource as a freshman. I’ve heard stories from professors and fellow students about having to apply multiple semesters in a row just to land that dream internship. Which to me means, you’re not going to land it right out fo the box, and that’s really the same thing with your career after college.

I’m not saying that if you’re past your freshman year and you don’t even know where your career services office is to just forgo it and never step foot. Get in there as soon as you can! However, if you start as early as you can, then you will be better off down the line. If you start going in and practicing those skills and getting your resume ready when you’re a freshman, then you will have a better chance of getting that internship and then even your dream job after graduation.

So, make sure you make an appointment with your career services advisor and get a head start on your future career that you’re already working so hard for. They could have so many resources that you don’t even know about. But, they have the resources to help you enhance your skills that will land you the interview, and eventually the job of your dreams.

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