Wrap It Up!

When I visited home this past Thursday and Friday I started wrapping presents!

I wrapped the present that I bought for my parents! I’m so excited for them to open it! Anyway, my present was the first present wrapped and put under the tree! I can’t wait to get back home and help my mom with wrapping presents!

Wrapping presents has been a family thing with the women of my family. My grandma, mom, and I would all wrap presents the week before Christmas. My grandma would fly out from New York for the holidays and after winter break started her and I would wrap presents. However this is the second year in a row that she won’t be coming and since a lot of the presents my parents ordered still haven’t come yet, I’m going to have to help my mom wrap the presents when I get back to California on Wednesday.

Here is my one lone present sitting under the tree!

I hope that my grandma would be proud of my wrapping! I’ve definitely improved!

Are you good at wrapping presents?


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